A big plus for physical fitness

It all started in early 2008. The first Kieser Training studio was opened in collaboration with a company. The name of that company was WIKA.
Training machine for the mobility of the trunk
Initially, the studio was expected to have about 900 customers, but soon the studio quickly became popular, also in the surrounding area, because it was open to local, non-company people right from Day One. However, WIKA employees do account for a large proportion of the success of the studio, even today. Of its 1600 customers, 450 work at WIKA or are partners of WIKA employees.
Anyone who has been with Kieser Training in Klingenberg from the very start will have noticed that quite a bit has changed over this ten-year period. And it is not just the exercise and tension period that has changed in the light of the latest scientific insights: many new machines have also been added. Brilliant B3 and B4 are of particular importance for the sporting success of WIKA. These units prepare the lower ankle joint in the best possible way for the annual WIKA relay marathon.
The latest world innovation from Kieser Training is called A5 – and it is able to train the pelvic floor with direct electronic feedback. A strong body is essential for an active and pain-free life. Regardless of whether you seek fitness for everyday working life, to build up muscle for a particular sport or relief for the strained back – and at Kieser everyone can find the right training units for themselves, and can individually can find out what does their body good, and what they enjoy doing most.

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