Politicians, NGO leaders danger racial unity with divisive rhetoric, warns Umno deputy

Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan has raised considerations over the rising pattern of politicians and non-governmental organisation (NGO) leaders making statements that put racial unity in danger and create public unease. He highlighted that these individuals are willing to undermine basic rights, freedoms, and the integrity of public institutions, as well as inappropriately involve the royal institution in political matters.
“The mocking of Islam and the country’s main establishments can be getting louder. Eye-opening could not occur. The 21st century Malaysia must be higher, with more high quality and being more constitutional,” Mohamad said during the simultaneous launch of the Umno Women, Youth and Puteri assemblies.
He urged the youthful generation in Umno and Malaysia as an entire to defend the Federal Constitution and information the country in path of a average and progressive path. Mohamad also inspired younger folks to strengthen the Constitution by incorporating its values, which have contributed to a peaceful Malaysia, into their daily lives.
He emphasised the significance of the youthful technology as watchdogs for the Constitution, guaranteeing adherence to it. They should completely understand the Constitution and apply it to their lives..

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